About Us

Ćipranić D.O.O. company  was founded on 18.03.2009, and its owner and director is Boris Ćipranić.

The company’s headquarters are located in Nikšić.

The land, owned by the company has a surface of 480 ha, and houses the Monte Goat goat farm and the dairiy.

The farm was inaugurated in 2015, when, after the construction of the state-of-the-art  farm, we imported 280 top-quality goats of the Alpina breed, with complete supporting documents of the origin, genetics and health of the goats. In 2017, another 43 goats of the Murzian breed were imported, which are also highly productive, and never before seen in our area.

The drying-up and breeding time of all goats is organized so that the farm produces certain quantities of milk throughout the year. Because of this there is practically no “dry season”, and our dairy processes milk during the whole calendar year.

In the same complex, a dairy was built in 2016. Built according to state-of-the-art standards and technology, Monte Goat dairy has a capacity of 4,000 litre per shift and is fully automated.

The milk from the farm is pumped through the pipeline to the dairy (closed system), which ensures the shortest time from milking to milk processing.

Our dairy farm is a consumer-processing type, where the highest quality products are produced, according to their own, protected technology.

In the year 2016. we have made a cow farm with 25 high-yielding dairy cows of Braunvieh breed, from which milk is produced for the Gouda cheese and white cow slice. Construction of a farm of pigs is under way, as is the processing plant for the processing and drying of goat, veal, beef and pork meat. This will close the entire cycle of production and processing of milk and meat.