Monte goat DIMSI full-fat semi-hard goat cheese is white to pale yellow in colour. This cheese has a mild taste and smells of beech wood. Consistency of the cheese is slightly elastic, similar to the trappista cheese. The rind of this cheese is ocher to light brown in colour and is edible.

It is suitable for cutting and serving on plates in form of a cold appetizer in combination with beef and pork prosciutto and olives. It is used for spicy sandwiches.

It is also exceptional for the preparation of “FONDUE” in combination with other Monte Goat cheeses.


Full-fat pasteurized goat milk, kitchen salt, cheese culture starter, natural calf rennet, calcium chloride, liquid smoke. Min. 45% MM in SM

NUTRITIONAL VALUE (average per 100g of product):

  • Fats: 25g;
  • Proteins: 22g;
  • Carbohydrates: 1,1g;
  • Energy value: 1328KJ/317Kcal.