Natural, pasteurized, sweet Monte goat whey contains 16 kinds of proteins, 20 amino acids (among which are all 9 essential amino acids), 8 minerals, 7 vitamins, 11 enzymes and many others substances essential for health and development of living beings.

Whey proteins lactoalbumin and lactoglobulin are of the highest biological value. They quickly absorb energy and directly supply muscle cells with essential amino acids and energy. In addition, they also strengthen the immune system.

The beneficial effects of goat whey

  • Effective in regeneration and the protection of both healthy and sick liver;
  • Improves kidney function;
  • Has a positive effect in reduced appetite, increased cholesterol, and blood pressure;
  • Helps in the prevention of osteoporosis, dental deposits and caries.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE (Average  per 100g of product)::

  • Fats: up to 0.5g;
  • Whey proteins: 1g;
  • Lactose: 5.2g;
  • Vitamin C: 10mg;
  • Vitamin B2: 1.45 mg;
  • Energy value: 123KJ / 29Kcal.