Monte goat HERBA CAPRINO cheeses are typically white to pale yellow with natural edible rind, spicy odor and flavor. Consistency of these cheeses is hard, similar to the famous parmesan, so it is also suitable for grating and using as an addition to pastas and various meat dishes.

When consuming these cheeses the fullness of the dominant flavor and aroma of goat’s milk will develop after but a few moments.

The cheese test contains a carefully selected combination of medicinal and aromatic herbs from Montenegro area, which gives this cheese a special taste, aroma and nutritional properties.

It is exceptional for preparation of “FONDUE” in combination with other Monte Goat cheeses.



Full-fat pasteurized goat milk, kitchen salt, cheese culture starter, natural calf rennet, calcium chloride, herbal additives (summer savory, basil, parsley, fennel, oregano). Min. 45% MM in SM


NUTRITIONAL VALUE (average per 100g of product):

  • Fats: 30g;
  • Proteins: 30g;
  • Carbohydrates: 0,5g;
  • Energy value: 1645KJ/392Kcal.